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New Fish 2/15/12

Lionhead Goldfish


Dojo Loach

Vietnamese Lizard Loach *Cool!

Midnight Pleco (L30)

Synodontis Petricola *Adult Breeders


Red Eye Lyretail Swordtail

Red Irian Rainbow

Black Lyretail Molly


Red Shiner Minnow *TR males


Astatotilapia Calliptera

Haplochromis sp. "Dayglow"

Albino Electric Yellow Labidochromis

Albino Hap. Compressiceps

Albino Kribensis


Archocentrus Myrnae (Topaz Cichlid)

Red Streak Gold Severum

New Fish and Plants 2/02/12

Crown Tail Male Betta

Super Delta Betta *SALE $3.99

Half Moon Betta *SALE $9.99


Jardini Arowana *$99.99

Silver Arowana *$29.99

Mbu Puffer

African Goliath Tiger *$129.99

Pom Pom Knife


Royal Blue & Neon Red Dwarf Gourami

Odessa Barb

Neon Tetra

Silver Dollar

Celebes Halfbeak *Cool! $7.99 3/$21.00



Clown Loach

Glass Cat

Grasscutter Dwarf Catfish

Candy Stripe Pleco L015 *$29.99

Gold Nugget Pleco L81 *$29.99


New Fish 1/18/12

Silver Arowana *$29.99

Clown Loach $12.99

Silver Hujeta Gar

Algae Eater

Pantadon Butterfly

African Glass Catfish

Elephant Nose


Calico Ancistrus

Blue Eye Gold Ancistrus

Longfin Green Dragon Ancistrus

Longfin Blue Eye Gold Ancistrus

Longfin Calico Ancistrus

Red Ancistrus *Reddens with age and size

Green Dragon Ancistrus


Ocellaris Peacock Bass

Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Flash

Apistogramma Veijita

Nandopsis Festae

Red Aureum

Thorichthys Elioti

New Fish 1/02- 1/06/12

Macrostoma Betta

Leichardti Arowana *$399.99

Jardini Arowana *$69.99

Silver Arowana *$29.99

Pea Puffer

Royal Clown Knife


Gulper Cat

Ornatipinnis Bicher

Black Ghost Knife


Red Redeye Lyretail Swords

Cardinal Tetra (Tank Raised)


Blue Ram

Blue Turquoise Discus *$29.99 4/$100.00

Marlboro Red Discus *$29.99 4/$100.00

Purple Parrot

Marlboro Red Discus *$59.99

Spade Tail Checkerboard Cichlid

Geophagus Brasiliensis

Geophagus Pindare

New Fish 12/20/11

Purple King Kong Parrot

Warrior Flower Horn

Ocellaris Peacock Bass

Red Streak Gold Severum


Macrostoma Betta Pair

Channoides Betta Pair

Rubra Betta Pair

Smaradina Betta


Gold Spot Pleco L001

Dwarf Siam Botia

Red Tail Catfish

Super Kuhli Loach

Brachyplatystoma Jurense

Distichodus Fasciolatus

Banded Hi Fin Shark

Banded Mountain Loach


Electric Blue Rams

Pork Chop Rasbora

Lyretail Red Eye Kohaku Koi Sword Tail

Dwarf African Frog

New Fish 12/7/11

  • Silver Arowana
  • Fahaka Puffer *COOL!

New Fish/Plants 11/26/11

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Forest Lake Pets Fish Update 11/11/11

Happy Friday everyone!  Finally getting a fish room update.  This is just part of what has been coming in.  This is the time of year we have lots of amazing fish are coming through, stay tuned!

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