Community Fish

These are all fish we have or can get. If you are interested in something specific we will work with you and make sure its the right fish for your tank.

Angels (Cichlids): Veil, Lace Veil, Altum, Koi, Black, Blue or Blushing, Gold, Marble

Carp: White Cloud, Gold White Cloud, Long Fin White Cloud

Caracin Tetras: Cardinal, Rummy Nose, Roberti, Black Phantom, Red Phantom, Red Eye, Head and Tail Light, Kerri, Bleeding Heart, Serpae, Hifin Serpae, Von Rio, Emperor, Ember, Silver Tip, Bloodfin, Longfin Black, Black, Lemon, Penguin, Columbian, Gold, Diamond, Black Neon, Blue, Pink Tail Chalceus, Neon (And Albino), Congo (And Albino),Pristella (And Albino), Buenos Aires(And Albino)

Caracin Metynnis: Redhook Metynnis, Silver Dollar, Black Bar Metynnis, Gold White Cloud,

Caracin: varying Pencil Fish

Discus: Assorted Discus Available Various sizes

Dwarf Cichlids: Veijita Apistogramma, Hongsloi Apisto, Cacatoides Double Red Apisto, Mamore Redtail Apisto, Galaxis I Apisto, Diamond Apisto, Cacatoides Orange Flash Apisto, Cockatoo Apisto, Mcmasteri Apisto, Krobia sp. Itanyi (Mouthbrooding Blue Acara), Gold Veil Angel Ram, Bolivian Ram, Kribensis, Blue Ram, Gold Ram

Gourami: Powder Blue Dwarf, Blood Red Dwarf, Pearl, Albino Osphronemus, Blue, Gold, Pink Kissing, Honey, Giant, Blue Paradise

Headstander: Abramites

Livebearers: Assorted Swordtails, Assorted Lyretail Swordtail, Assorted Guppys, Assorted Molly, Balloon Molly, Sailfin Molly, Lyretail Molly, Assorted Platys, Assorted Variatus

Minnows, Danio: GLO Green, GLO Red, GLO Yellow/Orange, Pearl, Glowlight, Longfin Zebra, Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora), Giant (And Albino), Zebra (And Albino)

Minnows, Barbs: Five Banded Pentazona, Long Fin Rosy, Rosy, Large Tiger, Small/Medium Tiger, Odessa, Black Ruby Barb, Albino Tiger, Albino Platinum Tiger, Cherry, Red Panda, Pearl Foil, Roseline

Minnows, Rasboras: Porkchop, Harlequin, Cherry Spot (rubrodorsalis), Fire, Galaxy (Celestial Pearl Danio), Asian Rummynose

Rainbows: Yellow, Northern Blue, Turquoise, Melanotaenia Wanga Creek, Madagascar, Neon, Wanamensis, Parva, Bleheri, Doritia "Zig zag", Goyder River, Millenium