FW Fish Shipment has arrived at FLP! 10/17

We just received our FW fish shipment for the week, along with a few saltwater fish and invertebrates! Check out the full list below:


Bamboo Shrimp

Marble Wood Shrimp

Red & Blue Rili Shrimp

Assorted Lionhead Goldfish

Halfmoon Bettas

Roundtail Bettas

Assorted Peacocks

“Kelberi” Peacock Bass

Pearl Red Flowerhorn

Red Turquoise Discus


Longfin Oscar

Silver Dollar

Black Tiger Pariaba Angel

Elephant Nose

Neon Dwarf Rainbow

Several AFRICAN, SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS & many more in FW shipment @ FLP!

We have received a large shipment of African Cichlids, as well as a number of beautiful South and Central American Cichlids. We also received some unique Short Tail Black Demekin and other large fancy goldfish. Check out the full list below!

African Cichlids

~~~~~~~~~~ Lake Tanganyika ~~~~~~~~~~

Firefin Compressiceps (F1)

Julidochoromis ornatus (F1)

Neolamprologus brevis (F1)

Neolamprologus pulcher “Daffodil Cichlid” (F1)

Neolamprologus similis (F1)

White Calvus (F1)


Beautiful shipment of FW, including Opsariichthys Evolans! 9/18/17

Great oddball freshwater fish shipment today (of course, some of the usual favorites as well)! Several exciting selections, including a few huge Tiger Datnoids, Kylin Parrot Cichlids and the beautiful Opsariichthys Evolans! Full list below.

Albino Silver Arowana

Tiger Datnoid

Blue Diamond Flowerhorn

Kylin Parrot Cichlid

Red Eagle Discus

Sturgeon Catfish, Giant Redtail Gourami & plenty more in today's FW fish shipment! 9/11/17

Today's shipment of freshwater fish is one you won't want to miss! One of the favorites on the list today: the Sturgeon Catfish! Full list below. Also, if you didn't hear or haven't seen them yet -- we have walleye, northern, muskie and other native fish now in stock!

Bettas (Male, Female, Fancy, Roundtail)
Mixed Oranda Goldfish
Giant Redtail Gourami
Sturgeon Catfish (Leptodoras acipenserinus – reaches 8 in.)
Cunchi Zamora Catfish (Auchenipterichthys thoracatus)
Blue Diamond Discus

Panda Butterfly Tails, select fancy goldfish, and various other FW & SW fish have arrived!

New selections of freshwater and saltwater fish have arrived! This shipment brought in some large, beautiful goldfish, and the long-awaited Panda Butterfly Tail goldfish! Stop in to check out the newcomers — they will go fast!

Panda Butterfly Tail
Show Ranchu
Show Calico Ranchu
Show Select Ryukin
Show Kirin Oranda
Albino Silver Arowana
Short Body Red Pearl Flowerhorn
Pigeon Blood Discus
Blue Diamond Discus
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Geophagus Winemilleri
Purple Parrot Cichlid
Apistogramma Agassizii


BEAUTIFUL shipment of fish this week! There is a little something special for everyone in yesterday’s arrival – from stunning peacock cichlids and flowerhorns to arowanas, bettas, shrimp & fancy live-bearers! Full list below:


AFRICAN CICHLID ENTHUSIASTS! Today is your day – we have received a number of nice African cichlids, as well as a few community favorites. Check out the list below!


Yesterday we received a variety of fancy plecos and catfish (some regular favorites, too), as well as a number of saltwater fish and invertebrates. Pass the word on to your fellow fish enthusiasts and be sure to come in and check out the other fancy plecos and catfish we have in the store as well! Shipment Highlight: the GULPER CATFISH, which doesn't get very large but can swallow fish twice it's size!

Blue Arowana
Sunshine Pleco L014

New Fish 7/31/17

Dumbo Ear Roundtail Male Betta

Half Moon Male Betta

Super Delta Male Betta

Crown Tail Male Betta

Knight Goby

Red Scat

Delhezi Bicher

Albino Senegalus Bicher

Palmas Bicher

Payara Barracuda

South American Puffer

Mbu Puffer

African Odoe Pike

Albino Mastacembelus Blind Eel

Marble Hatchet

Albino Marble Sailfin Pleco

Emperor Pleco L204

Mustard Spot Pleco LDA31

Trimaculatus Dolphin Catfish *Cool Catfish!

Butterfly koi

Ginrin Koi

Ogon Koi

Yamabuki Ogon Koi


Today is Clownfish Thursday at FLP! We received several types of clownfish, and they are a must see! Come in and check them out before they’re gone:


Blue Lightning Maroon (Epigrammata)

Frostbite Extreme Ocellaris

Black Ice Ocellaris

DaVinci Ocellaris

Fancy Snowflake Ocellaris

Midnight Ocellaris (Classic and Spots)

Midnight Lightning Ocellaris

Mocha Ocellaris

Naked Ocellaris

Orange Ocellaris


We will try and get some pictures and/or videos up on our Facebook page tomorrow.



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