FW fish shipment! 9/11/17

Today’s shipment of freshwater fish is one you won’t want to miss! One of the favorites on the list today: the Sturgeon Catfish! Full list below. Also, if you didn’t hear or haven’t seen them yet — we have walleye, northern, muskie and other native fish now in stock!

Bettas (Male, Female, Fancy, Roundtail)
Mixed Oranda Goldfish
Giant Redtail Gourami
Sturgeon Catfish (Leptodoras acipenserinus – reaches 8 in.)
Cunchi Zamora Catfish (Auchenipterichthys thoracatus)
Blue Diamond Discus
Red Pigeon Blood Discus
Snow White Discus
Mbu Puffer
Silver Arowana
Albino Red Pacu
Keyhole Cichlid **Nice Size!**
Red/Orange Peacock
Tropheus Duboisi
Striped Peacock Eel
Silver Hujeta Gar
African Reed Fish
Pantadon Butterfly
Karnataka Roseline Shark
Red Irian Rainbow
Tinfoil Barb
Platinum Green Tiger Barb
Turquoise Red Tail Guppy
Zebra Botia
Hillstream Loach
Albino Chocolate Pleco
Red & Blue Rili Shrimp (TR)
Blue Diamond Shrimp (TR)

New fish this week.

Today we received a great selection of FW favorites and rarities!

  • Danakilia sp. Shukoray (TR) **Rare FW cichlid from Eritrea
  • Flame Red Agassizii Apisto
  • Assorted Discus
  • Sabalo Barracuda
  • Silver Arowana
  • Humphead Flowerhorn
  • Oscar
  • Blood Red Parrot Cichlid
  • Veil Angel Ram
  • Gold Ram
  • Royal Red Neon Gourami
  • Blue Gourami
  • Gold Gourami
  • Gold Neon Barb
  • Fasin Creek Rainbow
  • Gidomen Village Rainbow (TR)
  • Cardinal Tetra (TR)
  • Neon Tetra
  • Brilliant Rummy Nose Tetra
  • Red Red-Eye Lyretail Sword
  • Assorted Mollies
  • Neon Platy
  • Assorted Male Guppies
  • Albino Cory
  • Julii Cory
  • Sumatra Kuhli Loach
  • Horseface Loach
  • Striped Raphael Catfish
  • Chocolate Raphael Catfish
  • Otocinclus Catfish
  • Algae Eater
  • Blue Velvet Shrimp
  • Orange Rili Shrimp (TR)
  • Brownorum Betta Pair
  • Assorted Male & Female Bettas
  • Calico Oranda Goldfish
  • Red & White Red Cap Oranda Goldfish
  • Ranchu Goldfish
  • Red & White Ryukin Goldfish