Most freshwater fish and invertebrates have a 48-hour warranty — exceptions are clearly identified on the receipt and include African Cichlids, Arowana, Piranha, Stingray, Ornamental Shrimp, and other miscellaneously identified aquatic animals with a no warranty code. Live plants, corals, and saltwater fish and invertebrates do NOT have a warranty.

If a warrantied fish (or invertebrate) does not survive within 48-hours of purchase, the following items must be brought into the store to receive a replacement fish or store credit:

     1)  The fish (can freeze to preserve)

     2)  An aquarium water sample SEPARATE from the fish

     3)  The receipt showing the fish purchase

If you cannot return the warrantied fish to the store within the 48-hour window, please notify us of the loss and let us know that you’ll be bringing in the fish outside of the 48-hour warranty window.

If the water sample shows poor water quality as the cause of fish loss, the fish may be replaced once the parameters are safe for the fish.

Important Note: Fish may only be replaced once!


Reptiles have a 48-hour warranty, unless noted otherwise upon purchase. Receipt and the animal must be brought in for credit.


We only take in re-homed small mammals and birds, therefore these animals have no warranty.


Returns and exchanges must be made within 30-days of purchase. Receipt from the original purchase must be present.