New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 3/27/21

Saltwater Saturday arrives again, bringing a slew of new fish and invertebrates!

Blue Eye Bristletooth Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Purple Queen Anthias
Dispar Anthias
Ruby Red Dragonet
Orange Firefish Goby
Yellow Watchman Goby
Wheelers Prawn Goby
Pink and Blue Spot Watchman Goby
Starry Blenny
Lawnmower Blenny
Green Chromis

Halloween Urchin
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp
Nassarius Snail
Bumble Bee Snail
Black Foot Trochus Snail
Turbo Mexican Snail
Blue Leg Hermit Crab
Red Leg Hermit Crab
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Emerald Crab