New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 4/10/21

Today’s Saltwater Saturday is spotlighting the Squamipinnis Anthias, a.k.a the Lyretail Anthias! Males are best kept with several females and in the absence of the male it is common for the largest female to develop into a male and take its place! Full list of other saltwater arrivals below.

Blue Jaw Trigger
Dogface Puffer
Blue Tang
Black and White Heniochus
Coral Beauty
Yellow Fin Angel
Squamipinnis Anthias (M & F)
Pintail Fairy Wrasse (M & F)
Cleaner Wrasse
Yellow Watchman Goby
Wards Sleeper Goby
Pink and Blue Spot Watchman Goby
Golden Headed Sleeper Goby
Antenna Goby
Diamond Goby
Orange Spot Blenny
Gold Midas Blenny
Red Head Dottyback
Orange Tail Damsel
Melanesian Blue Damsel
Blue Head Pink Damsel
Pink Skunk Clown

Green Bubble Anemone
Sebae Anemone
Blue Tuxedo Urchin
Scarlet Hermit Crab
Pom Pom Crab
Emerald Crab
Black Foot Trochus Snail
Sand Tiger Conch
Nassarius Snail