Freshwater New Arrivals

New Fish Friday 1/14/22

Our freshwater arrivals are so excited about New Fish Friday, they laid eggs! Which one of these Cory Catfish do you think are the parents? Full list of arrivals below.

As shown here, some fish produce adhesive eggs that will stick to plant-life and rocks. This helps protect the eggs by keeping them in place, often in good hiding places! One of the biggest threats to eggs besides hungry tankmates? Fungus! Separating eggs from hungry tankmates and keeping pristine water conditions are two key components of fish egg care.

Albino Senegalus Bicher

OB Peacock
Parachromis Managuense “Jaguar Cichlid”
Silver Angels
Marble Angels
Gold Angels
Assorted Medium Angels

Dwarf Honey Gourami
Royal Blue & Red Neon Dwarf Gourami (M)
Albino Tiger Barb
Ember Tetra
Diamond Neon Tetra
Candycane Tetra (Hy511 Tetra)
Cardinal Tetra
Assorted Lyretail Balloon Molly
Assorted Platy

Jumbo Albino Cory
Albino Cory
Paleatus Cory
Sterbai Cory
Red Venezuelan Cory