Freshwater New Arrivals Plants

New Fish Friday 4/1/22

A large selection of freshwater fish coming next week! In the meantime, our freshwater plant arrivals should hold you over. Stay tuned tomorrow for special deals in our saltwater department.

Blue Hygro
Hippo. Limno
Golden Lloydiella
Cuba Ludwigia
Dark Red Ludwigia
Ovalis Ludwigia
Super Red Mini Ludwigia
Pink Inclinata Ludwigia
Mint Charlie
Brazilian Pennywort
Japanese Pennywort
Pogostemon Stellatus Narrowleaf
Contortion Val
Italian Val
Dwarf Sagittaria
Subulata Sagittaria
Lucens Crypt
Undulata Crypt
Willisi Crypt
Red Wendtii Crypt
Tiger Lotus
Crinum Calamistratum
Monte Carlo
Melon Sword
Ozelot Red Sword
Rose Sword
Bleheri Amazon Sword
Jaguar Sword
Java Fern Mat
Java Fern Narrowleaf Mat
Java Moss
Indian Water Sprite
Lace Watersprite
Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Red’
Dwarf Hair Grass (Eleocharis Parvulus ‘Mini’)
Apple Leaf Bucephalandra
Green Broad Leaf Bucephalandra
Anubias Nana
Anubias Heterophylla
Anubias Barteri Butterfly
Anubias Barteri and Christmas Moss on Driftwood