Freshwater New Arrivals Plants

New Plants! 4/21/22

Plants! Get your plants! New plants coming to your feed each Thursday. Full list of freshwater plant arrivals below.

Ammania Gracilis
Ammania Senegalensis
Loydiella Golden
Ludwigia Dark Red
Ludwigia Ovalis
Ludwigia Repens “Super Red Mini”
Mermaid Weed
Mint Charlie
Pogostemon Stellatus “Narrowleaf”
Rotala Wallichii
Scarlet Temple
Italian Vallisneria (bunched)
Vallisneria Spiralis (bunched)
Jungle Vallisneria (bunched)
Vallisneria Americana (bunched)
Sagittaria Broadleaf
Dwarf Sagittaria (bunched)
Sagittaria Subulata
Sagittaria Narrowleaf (bunched)
Aponogeton Madagascar Lace (bulb)
Cryptocoryne Parva
Brown Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Dwarf Baby Tears on Coco Fiber Mat
Dwarf Hairgrass on Coco Fiber Mat
Monte Carlo on Coco Fiber Mat
Amazon Sword
Broadleaf Chain Sword
Red Melon Sword
Rose Sword
Rose Sparkle Sword
Red Root Floater
Christmas Moss
Water Sprite Indian Fern
Water Sprite Laceleaf
Giant Hairgrass
Hygrophila Compacta
Ludwigia Ovalis (potted)
Moneywort (potted)
Bacopa (potted)
Pennywort Brazilian (potted)
Hydrocotyle Leucocephala (potted)
Watersprite Lace Leaf (potted)
Dwarf Baby Tears (potted)
Cardinal Plant (potted)
Crinum Calamistratum (potted)
Dwarf Hairgrass (potted)
Giant Hairgrass (potted)
Monte Carlo (potted)
Pearl Weed (potted)
Anubias Hastifolia (potted)
Anubias Nancon (potted)
Crypt Flamingo (potted)
Red Flame Sword (potted)
Vesuvius Sword (potted)