New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 7/16/22

Nice-sized Royal Grammas in this week, as well as some fish that are harder to come by like the Yellow Anthias. Other great arrivals include the Royal Flasher Wrasse, Green Caribbean Filefish, and more! Featured here are some of these arrivals and some stunning clownfish pairs. Full list of saltwater arrivals below.

Bicolor Angel
Coral Beauty
Yellow Anthias
Royal Flasher Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Longnose Hawkfish
Wheelers Prawn Goby
Antenna Goby
Green Caribbean Filefish
Green Chromis
Royal Gramma
Squamipinnis Anthias (M)

Green Mantis Shrimp
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Pistol Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp
Black Foot Trochus Snail
Emerald Crab
Red Leg Hermit