New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 02/04/23

Our saltwater room got quite a few new additions, as well as restocking some highly requested invertebrates. This week we would also like to mention one of Clownfish tanks (pictured below) that has LOW COST clowns ready to help cycle new saltwater tanks. Clownfish are also perfect starters when getting into saltwater. For all new stock see below.

Maculosus Angel/ Half-Moon Angel Red Sea
Yellow-striped Cave Gobies
Blue Gudgeon’s
Two-Spot Blenny
Rhino Blenny
Ember Blenny
Silver Mollies
Royal Gramma

Maculosus Angel/ Half-Moon Angel Red Sea
Pencil Urchin
Purple Pincushion Urchin
Rock Urchin
Purple Reef Lobster
Caribbean Arrow Shrimp (Tiny)
Horseshoe Crab

Lrg Coral Beauty