New Arrivals Plants

New plants! 03/23/23

Looking to up your planted tank game? Try some of our new intermediate or advanced plants. Hygrophila Willow is a beautiful stem pant that grows and grows with full light green leaves. If you’re looking for something shorter check out Staurogyne Repens. This plant may be hard to pronounce but boy does it look good once it’s established in a tank. Don’t worry if these plants melt back, just like humans we need time to adjust to new environments.

Atlandsberg Sword
Harbich Red Sword
Harbish Sword
Ruffle Sword
Amazon Sword
Anubias Coffefolia
Anubias Congensis
Anubias Minima
Anubas Nana
Dwarf Sagittaria
Hygro Willow
Italian Vallisneria
Ludwigia Cuba
Ludwigia Ovalis
Ludwigia Super Red Mini
Nesea Golden
Parrot Feather
Pogostemon Narrowleaf
Rotala Green
Monte Carlo (mat)
Crypt Balansae
Crypt Parva
Java Fern Windelov
Java Fern
Jungle Vallisneria
Water Sprite Indian Fern
Water Sprite Laceleaf
Staurogyne Repens
Pear Weed (portion cup)
Uruguayensis Sword

Anubias Barteri
Anubias Nana Golden
Cardinal Plant
Creeping Rush
Crypt Flamingo
Dwarf Aquarium Lily
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Hygro Willow
Hydrocotyle Japan
Mermaid Weed
Pennywort Brazilan
Tiger Lotus
Crypt Undulata
Crypt Tropica
Gradifolius Sword