New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 04/28/23

Saltwater Saturday 04/28/23

A few popular picks are back in stock, one of which is Pom Pom Crabs. 🦀 These crustaceans clip off parts of anemones which are then used for gathering food and warding off potential predators. 🐙 There are also a few more Tiger Pistol Shrimp and Gobies, which you can never have enough of. However nothing can compare to how cute it was to watch the Frilly Sea Hare lick the tank wall with his itty bitty radula ( basically a tongue made out of tiny teeth👅) and do what looked to be slow spin-outs on the glass. 🏎 As always, the whole list of newest arrivals is below.

Lrg Pink/Blue Spotted Watchman Goby
Yellow Clown Goby
Diamond Gobies
Black & Gold Chromis
Matted Filefish
Gold Bar Wrasse
Africa Annularis Angel
Maculosus Angel

Frilly Sea Hare
Cat’s Eye Turbo Snails
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Pom-Pom Crabs

Ultra Hydnophora
Red/Pink/Green Challice