New Arrivals Plants

New plants! 06/15/23

Not only does it look pleasing, there are many benefits to having a planted aquarium. From carpeting to top floaters these pants help create a natural habitat for your fishy friends. Monte Carlo is a moderate care carpeting plant that you can grow in substrate or on wood for a unique tree look. Cobamba is a great starter plant that helps filter some access nutrients and grows great in your summer pond too. Stop in for a unique Father’s Day gift or create your own planted oasis.

Corkscrew Vallisneria
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Dwarf Sagittaria
Italian Vallisneria
Java Fern Windelov
Jungle Vallisneria
Ludwigia Cuba
Ludwigia Ovalis
Red Root Floater
Roatala Wallichii
Scarlet Temple
Water Sprite

Pennywort Brazilian
Tiger Lotus
Cardinal Plant
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Monte Carlo
Pearl Weed
Anubias Frazeri
Anubias Nana Gold
Anubias Nana Petite
Crypt Flamingo