New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday! 07/01/2023

Saltwater Saturday 07/01/2023

We’re kicking off the new month with an assortment of Saltwater corals, fish, and inverts! One of our favorite additions for this month are the ultimate nano Goby in the hobby, the Flaming Prawn Goby. Even though he’s tiny right now, he won’t get much bigger than two inches. This is the perfect goby for a nano setup!

As for corals, we have a couple racks stocked FULL of Hammer Coral and Frogspawn Coral frags, not to mention some incredibly colored Zoa frags as well. Come in and check them out!

Full list of saltwater arrivals below:


  • Flaming Prawn Goby
  • Orange Spot Blenny
  • Zebra Swallowtail Angel Male
  • Ceram Lawnmower Blenny
  • Rainfords Goby 
  • Hector’s Goby
  • Yellow Side Fairy Wrasse
  • Solor Fairy Wrasse 
  • Exquisite Fairy Wrasse Male
  • Cleaner Wrasse 
  • Yellow Chocolate Tang 
  • Blue Spotted Jewel Puffer
  • Cleaner Wrasse
  • Arc-Eye Hawkfish 
  • Diamond Gobies
  • Psychedelic Dragonet
  • Diamond Goby
  • Stars and Stripes Puffer


  • Green/Bronze Maxima Clam
  • Condylactis AnemoneĀ 
  • Red Foot Pygmy Sea CucumberĀ 
  • Trochus Snail
  • Nassarius Snail


  • LARGE Frogspawn Colonies & individual plugs w/ multiple heads.
  • Hammer Coral Plugs w/ multiple heads.
  • Assorted colorful Zoa’s.