Freshwater New Arrivals

Freshwater Friday 07/28/23

Freshwater Friday 07/28/23

Incoming large Discus! 🥳

We are absolutely in love with our newest color variations. 💚 Just look at those solid, intricate patterns! A fun fact about Discus is they prefer clean water, so it’s critical to have a proper filtration system for them to thrive. This species also requires a high protein diet to live long and prosper, hence Blackworms are a great treat!

This week’s additions are posted on our website below.

Harlequin Rasbora
Turquoise Rainbow
Neon Dwarf Rainbow
Congo Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Rose Line Shark
Celestial Pearl Danio
Tiger Platy
Redtail Tinfoil Barb
Albino Tinfoil Barb
Bala Shark
Black Ruby Barb
Tricolor Swordtail

Assorted Discus (Jumbo)
Assorted Discus (Large)
Assorted Discus (Small)
Assorted Peacock Cichlid (Medium/Large)
Assorted Peacock Cichlid (Samm)
Black Widow Frontosa
Thai Silk Cichlid
Red Kamfa CichlidGolden Base Flowerhorn

Fire Eel
Tiretrack Eel
Golden Tiretrack Eel
Black Ghost
Green Scat
Red Scat
Spotted Puffer
Figure Eight Puffer

Crowntail Betta (Female)
Betta (Female)
Plakat Betta (Male)
Longfin Dragon Betta (Male)
Longfin Betta (Male)

Red Cherry Shrimp
Vampire Crab
Golden Carnaval Crab
Red Panther Crab
Assassin Snail
Batman Snail
Zebra Snail
Tiger Snail
Batik Snail
Assorted Horn Snail

Sterbai Cory
C125 Aspidoras spilotus
Albino Plecostomus
Panda Garra Ruffa
Yo Yo Loach