Freshwater New Arrivals

Freshwater Friday 11/10/2023

Freshwater Friday 11/10/2023

It’s raining fish!

If you love aquatic life as much as we do, you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve just stocked up on all your original favorites. Whether you’re a mollie, betta, or guppy enthusiast, you’re sure to find something to your liking. Don’t forget to check out our new Neon Blue Dwarf Praecox Rainbow Fish and Barred Mudskippers when you stop by!

All our newest arrivals are on our website below.

Red Tail Shark
Barred Mudskipper
Puntius bimaculatus “Red Side Barb”
Tiger Barb

Tiger Oscar
Albino Tiger Oscar
Electric Blue Ram

Assorted Sailfin Molly
Neon Blue Dwarf Praecox Rainbow Fish
Green Cobra Guppy (Female)
Sunset Guppy (Female)
Red Miracle Koi Guppy (Female)
Assorted Guppy (Female)
Assorted Endler Guppy
Assorted Molly
Black Molly
Micky Mouse Kohaku Platy
Assorted Platy

Galaxy Koi Betta (Male)
Alien Betta (Male)
Platinum Halfmoon Betta (Male)
Nemo Koi Betta (Male)
24K Gold Betta (Male)