New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 11/25/2023

Saltwater Saturday 11/25/2023

Get ready for the most popular fish in town – The Royal Grammas.

These fish have been so sought after lately, we can hardly keep them in stock! Their striking colors, small size, and friendly demeanor have made them the go-to fish for any aquarium enthusiast. Royal Grammas are also a great species to try out as well due to being fairly hardy and small tank requirements.

Be sure to get your hands on these beautiful fishes while they’re still in our tanks, or take a look at our newest gobies!

Yellow Stripe Cave Goby
Purple Firefish Goby
Anteenna Goby
Arnaz Damsel
Blue Midas Blenny
Royal Gramma
Creame Lawnmower Blenny

Bubble Anemone