New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 02/24/2024

Saltwater Saturday 02/24/2024

Saltwater News:

The saltwater AC unit had an electrical malfunction, which made our frag tanks too hot. We are working our hardest to get this electrical issue resolved, while we are utilizing a temporary mini AC unit. A ton of the corals are already making a wonderful recovery. Thank you for your continued support as we make it through this mishap. 

Newest Arrivals listed below.

Sixline Wrasse
Yellow Coris Wrasse
Pintail Fairy Wrasse (Male)
McCoskers Fairy Wrasse (Male)
Blue Eye Bristletooth Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Diamond Goby
Yellow Watchman Goby
Antenna Goby
Yellow Clown Goby
Pink an dBlue Spot Watchman Goby
Wards Sleeper Goby
Green Mandarin Dragonet

Sexy Shrimp
Candy Can Pistol Shrimp
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Purple Pincushion Urchin
Blackfoot Trochus Snail
Astrea Snail

Bonsai Acropora XL Frag
Orange Pavona XL Frag
Fiji Lanvendar Mushroom
Florida Ricordea
Micromussa Lord Frag
War Coral