Freshwater New Arrivals

Freshwater Friday 04/26/2024

Freshwater Friday 04/26/2024

It’s GLO-ing in here!

The fish room restocked eleven GLO varieties this week including GLO Danios, GLO Sharks, GLO Tetras, and GLO Corys. Add a little spice to your family aquarium with the colors Cosmic Blue, Galactic Purple, and Celestial Yellow.

The newest arrivals are listed below.

Electric Green GLO Shark
Galactic Purple GLO Tetra
Starfire Red GLO Tetra
Electric Green GLO Tetra
Longfin Glactic Purple GLO Tetra
Longfin Sunburst Orange GLO Tetra
Starfire Red GLO Danio
Cosmic Blue GLO Danio
Galactic Purple GLO Danio
Sunburst GLO Danio
Celestial Yellow GLO Cory
Green Tiger Barb
Buenos Aires Tetra
Black Phantom Tetra
Blue Kerri Tetra
Assorted Platy
Assorted Fancy Guppy (Male)
Assorted Fancy Guppy (Female)
Assorted Fancy Cobra Guppy (Male)
Assorted Angelfish
American Flag Fish
Common Guppy

Ghost Shrimp

Brown Bushynose Pleco