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Freshwater Friday 09/29/2023

Freshwater Friday 09/29/2023

New shrimp species are available!

Blue Jelly, Red Fancy Tiger Shrimp, Blue Panda Shrimp, and more! This week we’re expanding our freshwater shrimp to an even broader selection with uncommon and SS grade species. What makes shrimp so beneficial? They are a perfect tool, especially for tanks that struggle with water chemistry due to overfeeding, as they devour extra food that falls to the bottom of an aquarium.

This week’s newest shrimp arrivals are listed below:


SS Grade Sunkist Shrimp
SS Grade 24K Yellow
Bloody Mary
Green Jade
SS Grade Blue Dream
Painted Black
Blue Jelly
Pure Red Line
Pure Black Line
Blue Panda
Fancy Red Tiger

Freshwater New Arrivals

New Fish Friday 9/16/22

Full list of freshwater arrivals below.

Albimarginata Betta (pair)
Macrostoma Betta (pair)
Rubra Betta (pair)

Assorted Oscar
Electric Blue Acara

Assorted Guppy (Female)
Assorted Guppy (Male)
Celestial Pearl Danio
Assorted Molly
Assorted Mickey Mouse Platy
Algae Eating Shrimp
Bloody Mary Shrimp
Cherry Red Shrimp
Cardinal Tetra (Tank Raised)

Clown Loach
Venezuelan Red Sailfin Cory
Sterbai Cory