Freshwater New Arrivals Plants

New Plants! 5/19/22

Keeping the greenery going inside and out! 💚 Check out this week’s freshwater plant arrivals, broken down by suitability for aquariums or ponds.

Amazon Sword
Anacharis (Bunched)
Anubias Barteri
Anubias Barteri (Potted)
Anubias Hasifolia (Potted)
Anubias Nancon
Anubias Nancon (Potted)
Aponogeton “Boivinianus”
Aponogeton “Nantas”
Bacopa (Potted)
Cardamine (Bunched)
Cardinal Plant (Potted)
Chainsword “Narrowleaf”
Christmas Moss
Contortion Vallisneria (Bunched)
Crinum Calamistatum (Potted)
Crypt Flimingo (Potted)
Crypt Undulata (Potted)
Dwarf Hairgrass (Potted)
Giant Hairgrass (Potted)
Green Ozelot Sword
Hornwort (Bunched)
Italian Vallisneria (Bunched)
Itilian Vallisneria (Potted)
Java Fern
Java Fern Narrow Leaf
Java Fern Windelov
Java Moss
Jungle Vallisneria (Bunched)
Jungle Vallisneria (Potted)
Lloydiella Golden (Bunched)
Ludwigia Dark Red (Bunched)
Ludwigia Ovalis (Bunched)
Ludwigia Ovalis (Potted)
Ludwigia Super Red Mini (Bunched)
Moneywort (Bunched)
Monte Carlo (Potted)
Myrio Green (Bunched)
Parrot Feather (Bunched)
Pear Weed (Potted)
Pennywort Brizilian (Potted)
Pogostemon Stellatus “Narrowleaf” (Bunched)
Radican Sword
Red Root Floaters
Rotalla Wallichii (Bunched)
Sagittaria “Dwarf”
Sagittaria “Narrowleaf”
Scarlet Temple (Bunched)
Tiger Lotus
Tiger Lotus (Potted)
Vesuvius Sword (Potted)
Water Sprite “Indian Fern”
Water Sprite “Laceleaf”

Arrowhead Sagittaria
Bog Lily
Cattail “Graceful Dwarf”
Cattail “Variegated”
Chameleon Plant
Chinese Lizard’s Tail
Corkscrew Rush
Green Arrow Arum
Iris “Ann Chowning”
Lobelia “Red Cardinal Flower”
Obedient Plant
Papyrus “Dwarf”
Papyrus “Giant Egyptian”
Papyrus “Umbrella Plant”
Pickerel “Blue”
Spider Lily “Variegated”
Sweet Flag “Golden”
Taro “Bikini Tini”
Taro “Black Stem”
Taro “Maui Gold”
Water Hyacinth
Water Lettuce “Curly Leaf”
Water Lettuce “Jumbo”
Water Poppy
Yerba Mansa
Zebra Rush