Freshwater New Arrivals

New Fish Friday 5/20/22

Sure fish are our specialty, but we have so much more aquatic fun going on than that! 🐢 Featured here are our Red Cheeked Mud Turtle and African Sideneck Turtle, both ready for their forever home. Have or know of a neat aquatic turtle setup? Share a photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag us! This week’s list of freshwater fish arrivals below.

Champsochromis caeruleus “Malawi Trout”
Rhamphochromis ferox “Malawi Barracuda”
Black Calvus
Redfin Compressiceps
Ngara Peacock
Blue Neon Flavescent Peacock
Lawanda Peacock
Taiwan Reef
Red Top Hongi
White Labidochromis
Green Terror
Black Ram
German Blue Ram

Millenium Rainbow
Dwarf Neon Rainbow
Emerald Green Wanamensis Rainbow

Butterfly Koi

Ivory Snails