Freshwater New Arrivals

New Fish Friday 8/12/22

Did you miss us!? It’s been three weeks since our last New (Freshwater) Fish Friday post, but we promise the new fish have been diving in! We got an awesome South American shipment, as well as a bunch of others – we’ve listed them all out below. Pictured here are some highlights.

* = Arrived week of 7/29 or 8/5, please call to confirm availability

WC = Wild Caught

Fahaka Puffer*
Silver Arowana*
Red Belly Piranha*
Marble Archer Fish
Black Ghost Knife*
African Clawed Frog*
Albino Clawed Frog*

Assorted Peacock Cichlid
Ocellaris Peacock Bass*
Atabapo Red Pike Cichlid*
Big Head Cherry Flowerhorn
Oscar Fish (WC)*
Satanoperca Mapiritensis “Fine Spotted Eartheater”*
Red Head Tapajos Cichlid
Pterophyllum Altum (Atabapo River)*
Apistogramma Agassizii*

Giant Hatchetfish*
Marbled Hatchetfish*
Daisy Blue Rice Fish*
Assorted Dwarf Gourami
Golden Dwarf Gelius Barb
Tiger Barb
Green Neon Tetra*
Cardinal Tetra (WC)*
Bleeding Heart Tetra*
Rummynose Tetra
Platinum Rummynose Tetra
Assorted Platy
Harlequin Rasbora
Zebra Danio*

Glass Catfish
Farlowella Acus “Twig Catfish”*
Banjo Catfish*
Synodontis Petricola*
Julii Cory
Sterbai Cory
Albino Sterbai Cory
Panda Cory
Albino Sailfin Pleco
L200 Green Phantom Pleco*
L191 Broken Line Royal Pleco*
L140 Peckoltia Pleco*
L240 Galaxias Vampire Pleco*
LDA38 Hypostomus Pleco*
Sewellia Lineolata “Reticulated Hillstream Loach”
Hifin Banded Loach*
Clown Loach
Yo Yo Botia

Assorted A Grade Import Koi
Assorted Grade A Kohaku Import Koi

Mexican Dwarf Crayfish*
Pom Pom Crab
Amano Shrimp
Ghost Shrimp
Horn Nerite Snail