New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 8/13/22

Swinging into the weekend strong with Saltwater Saturday! Yes, that’s right – three weeks worth of saltwater arrivals are here at your fingertips! Some exciting highlights include a Fiji Orange Tail Puffer, Flame Hawkfish, Regal Angel, and Scott’s Fairy Wrasse. Full list of saltwater arrivals below.

* = Arrived week of 7/30 or 8/6

Fiji Orange Tail Puffer
Black and White Heniochus*
Matted Filefish
Fiji Foxface*
Yellow Fin Tang*
Blue Tang*
Regal Angel
Venustus Angel
Eibli Angel
Coral Beauty
Scott’s Fairy Wrasse (M)*
Dragon Wrasse
Melanarus Wrasse
Sixline Wrasse*
Cleaner Wrasse
Squamipinnis Anthias (F)*
Flame Hawkfish
Arc Eye Hawkfish
Clarki Clown
Pink Skunk Clown
Banggai Cardinal*
Talbots Damsel*
Strawberry Pseudochromis
Royal Dottyback*
Green Mandarin Dragonet
Rainfords Goby*
Yellow Watchman Goby
Flagtail Prawn Goby
Orange Firefish Goby
Diamond Goby
Yellow Clown Goby
Citron Goby
Antenna Goby
Yellow Tail Blenny
Lawnmower Blenny*
Starry Blenny*

Emerald Crab*
Zebra Hermit Crab
Halloween Hermit Crab
Blue Leg Hermit Crab
Black Foot Trochus Snail
Nassarius Snail
Pagurus Pollicaris Hermit Crab

Aussie Holy Grail Hammer*
Micro Torch Colony*
Orange Ricordea Yuma Mushroom Colony*
Ultra Wilsoni Frag*
Assorted Frags