New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 01/14/23

We’re defiantly “Pointing out” some of our newest arrivals this Saltwater Saturday! Urchins add a sense of wonder to any tank they are in! One minute they are sitting on top a piece of d├ęcor, the next they are upside down underneath their favorite rock trying to find a good snack. Some urchins will even help mow down the unwanted algae in your tanks like our newest REEF SAFE Rock Urchin! Look at our newest arrivals below!

Lunare Wrasse
Kole Tang
Blue Eye Bristle Tooth Tang
Red-Stripe Sleeper Goby
Purple Firefish Goby
Gold Midas Blenny
Blue Midas Blenny
Mandarin Dragonet
Rainfords Goby
Sixline Wrasse

Halloween Urchin
Rock Urchin
Variegated Urchin
serpent starfish