New Arrivals Plants

New plants! 01/19/23

Mosses and Ferns are a great accent to any tank. With a dab of super glue or some string they can turn any decoration into a fuzzy green array of aquatic life. Fissidens Nobilis Moss is one we are always exited to receive. It’s a cooler water, slow growing moss unlike any other. For a splash of color in terrariums or tanks the Cardinal Plant is a go-to with a bright purple stem and under leaf. Be sure to check out the pre-potted plants too!

Anubias Barteri
Anubias Hastifolia
Aunbias Nana Petite
Aponogeton Ulvaceus
Bucephalandra Kedakang
Christmas Moss
Crypt Costata
Crypt Lucens
Crypt Lutea
Crypt Parva
Crypt Spiralis
Crypt Wendtii Green
Crypt Wendtii Red
Italian Vallisneria
Java Fern Mat
Java Moss
Jungle Vallisneria
Ludwigia Cuba
Fissidens Nobilis Moss
Parrot Feather
Pogostemon Stellatus Narrowleaf
Pearl Weed Cup Portion
Rotala Vietnam H’Ra
Breadleaf Sagittaria
Dwarf Sagittaria
Water Sprite Indian Fern

Amazon Sword
Cardinal Plant
Creeping Rush
Crypt Flamingo
Dwarf Aquarium Lily
Dwarf Baby Tears
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Aunibas Hastifolia
Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan
Monte Carlo
Pearl Weed
Temple Plant
Tiger Lotus
Crypt Undulata