New Arrivals Saltwater

Saltwater Saturday 02/11/23

Tired of looking at the same tank every day? Have you considered trying live coral? Being as beautiful as they are, corals add vibrance and a sense of fulfillment to all saltwater aquariums. 🌈 They fill the “dead spaces” with an assortment of colors that can not only make your tank 🎇stand out🎇, but they also make it look more natural and at home for your fish. 🏠 See all our newest corals, fish, and invertebrates below.

Twistii Wrasse
Melanarus Wrasse
Gold Bar Wrasse Africa
Carpenter Fairy Wrasse
Blue Head Wrasse
Blue Scrawled Cowfish
Yellow Fin Tang
Desjardini Sailfin Tang
Arc Eye Hawkfish
Vanderbilt Chromis
Black Bear Chromis
Saddleback Clown
Clarki Clown Black
Diamond Butterfly
Copperband Butterfly
Starry Blenny
Ruby Red Dragonet
Midas Blenny Blue
Strawberry Pseudochromis
Squamipinnis Anthias
Dispar Anthias
Evans Anthias
Cream Angel

Tuxedo Urchin Blue
Pincushion Purple Urchin
Halloween Urchin
Astrea Snail
Chaetomorpha Algae
Tiger Tail Cucumber
Red Leg Hermit Crab
Electric Blue Hermit Crab
Blue Leg Hermit Crab
Fire Shrimp
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Bubble Anemone Green

Florida Ricordea
Blue Spot Discosoma
“Mystic Sunset” Montipora Frag
Orange Zoanthid
Pipe Organ
Green Spotted Mushroom
Aus Acropora Frag
Orange Tip Clove Polyp
Greemn/Orange Favia
Gold Branching Hammer
Green Pearl Bubble Coral
Pink Tip Branching Hammer
Rainbow Pectinia
Duncan Assortment