New Arrivals Plants

New plants! 02/16/23

Creating depth in an aquarium is easy to do with plants, especially with what came in this week! With our large Anubias you can create a nice backdrop to some smaller eye catching Crypts or more Anubias. If your looking for splashes of green, Buceaphalandra is great for attaching to rock, wood or other decorations. There’s always lots to explore in the Plant Department. PS don’t forget to look up as we’ve added even more pieces of wood!

Amazon Sword
Anubias Barteri
Anubias Coffeeflia
Anubias Congensis
Anubias Hastifolia
Christmas Moss
Drarf Baby Tears (Mat)
Monte Carlo (Mat)
Contortion Vallisneria
Crypt Balansae
Crypt Costata
Crypt Lucens
Crypt Pontederiifolia
Crypt Wendtii Brown
Crypt Wendtii Red
Hygrophila Compacta
Italian Vallisneria
Java Fern
Java Moss
Limnophlia Aromatica
Ludwigia Cuba
Ludwigia Super Red Mini
Parrot Feather
Java Moss Floating Ball (limited)
Pogostemon Stellatus Narrowleaf
Red Root Floater
Rotala Wallichii
Dwarf Sagittaria
Water Sprite

Creeping Rush
Crypt Flamingo
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Anubias Frazeri
Hygro Willow
Hydrocotyle Japan
Monte Carlo
Anubias Nangi
Pear Weed
Pennywort Brizilian
Staurogyne Repens
Temple Plant
Crypt Tropica