Freshwater New Arrivals

Freshwater Friday 03/17/23

The weekend is drawing close with yet another wonderful Freshwater Friday. 🌊 We restocked almost all our Betta department with gorgeous new Black Crowntail Betta, Galaxy Koi Betta, Elephant Ear Betta and more! 👑🐘 If you’re looking to get a Betta as a Birthday present or just curious about what you may need to get started, we have a few kits that include all the essentials! 👍 For all the newest arrivals check out below!

Tetraodon fluviatilis “Green Puffer”

Assorted Guppy (male)
Assorted Guppy (female)
Assorted Endler Guppy (male and female)
Assorted Balloon Molly
Assorted Platy
Bumble Bee Platy
Micky Mouse Kohaku Platy
Tiger Swordtail
Swordtail Pineapple Swordtail
Zebra Danio

Black Crowntail Betta (male)
Dragon Halfmoon Betta (male)
Elephant Ear Plakat Betta (male)
Super Red Elephant Ear Plakat Betta (male)
Galaxy Koi Betta (male)
Nemo Koi Betta (male)
Halfmoon Plakat Betta (male)
Halfmoon Betta (male)
Elephant Ear Betta (male)

Platinum Ram
German Blue Ram (Locally Raised!)
Electric Blue Acara