Freshwater New Arrivals

Freshwater Friday 12/08/2023

Freshwater Friday 12/08/2023

Which is better: Shrimp or Piranhas?
We have a new rainbow assortment of shrimp including Crystal Red Shrimp – SSS Grade Mosura and Orange Sun Amano Shrimp. Although, since shrimp are bound to get lots of attention from their popularity, how can we not also showcase this this Manueli Piranha which can reach roughly 13″-14″ long in captivity, and this Geryi Piranha which gets around 12″ long? We are caught in a tie of which we love more.
Check out below for all the newest arrivals!

Manueli Piranha
Geryi Piranha

Blood Red Parrot

Bloody Mary Shrimp
Fire Red Shrimp
Red Cherry Shrimp
Sunkist Shrimp
Golden Line Yellow Shrimp
Fantasy Blue Velvet Shrimp
Black Phantom Shrimp
Assorted Neocardina Shrimp
Crystal Red Shrimp (Grade SSS) (Mosura)
Blue Bolt Shrimp
Red Tiger Shrimp (Grade S)
Amano Shrimp
Snow White Amano Shrimp
Orange Sun Amano Shrimp

L181 Peppermint Bushynose Pleco
Panda Corydoras