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New Hamsters 12/08/2023

New Hamsters 12/08/2023

Our baby black Syrian Hamsters are ready for new homes!

They’re playful, energetic, and will keep you entertained for hours. These little critters love to climb, explore, and have a blast on their exercise wheels. They all came from a massive litter of 10, in which mom will be available for adoption as well!

Three helpful tips for new owners:

1.) Tanks ARE better than small plastic cages. As a bare minimum, they should be provided a 20-long tank, although a 40-breeder is recommended for optimal health and lifespan.

2.) A hamster’s instinct is to burrow, so providing a few inches of substrate is vital for enrichment. Having a tall wire cage is not as good as having a deep bottom enclosure in which they can make tunnels.

3.) They are not aggressive, they are prey animals. Humans are giants and look like predators, therefore we are scary. Our tiny friends need to slowly be shown that they can trust us and that we won’t hurt them.