New Arrivals Plants

New plants! 02/15/24

Calling all nano tankers, perfect plants in stock! Mini Bolbitis couldn’t be a better choice for those smaller aquariums while Anubias Nana Golden gives life to a piece of rock or wood. Both these plants are easy to grow with soft to moderate lighting and love being the sidekick to any hardscape. Don’t forget to check out these awesome Java Fern Tridents. They don’t appear often, get them while they last.

Anubias Coffeefolia
Anubias Congensis
Anubias Nana Golden
Banana Plant
Bolbitis Mini
Crypt Costata
Hygro Willow
Italian Vallisneria
Java Fern
Java Fern Narrow Leaf
Java Fern Trident
Java Moss
Jungle Vallisneria
Limno Hippuridoides
Lloydiella Golden
Ludwigia Cuba
Ludwigia Ovalis
Ludwigig Super Red Mini
Narrowleaf Sagittaria
Pogostemon Stellatus Narrowleaf
Water Sprite Indian Fern
Water Sprite Laceleaf

Cardinal Plant
Dwarf Baby Tears
Dwarf Four Leaf Clover
Hydrocotyle Japan
Monte Carlo
Pear Weed
Tiger Lotus