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Forest Lake Pets – come for the pets, stay for the lake. 😎 New FLP swag available now while supplies last!


Closed Memorial Day

We will be closed on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day.

News Plants


Our plant tissue cultures are going fast, but we still have plenty left for you to bring home before they’re gone!

Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ (“Japanese Dwarf Hairgrass”)
Glossostigma elatinoides (“Glosso”)
Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ (“Dwarf Baby Tears”)
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Mini’
Hydrocotyle verticillata
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (“Brazilian Micro Sword”)
Micranthemum sp. Monte Carlo
Utricularia graminifolia
Pogostemon Helferi (“Downoi”)
Alternanthera reineckii ‘Mini’
Cryptocoryne lucens
Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘Red’
Cryptocoryne spiralis ‘Tiger’
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Pink Panther’
Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green Gecko’
Echinodorus tenellus (“Dwarf Chain Sword”)
Eleocharis acicularis (“Dwarf Hairgrass”)
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Hygrophila pinnatifida UK (Uttarakannada)
Hygrophila sp. Araguaia (“Araguaya Sharp Leaf”)
Lagenandra keralensis
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Green’ (“Green Round Leaf Lagenandra”)
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’
Limnophila aromatica “Vietnam”
Scrophulariaceae sp.
Myriophyllum sp. Guyana (“Guyana Milfoil”)
Pogostemon Erectus
Ranunculus inundatus (“River Buttercup”)
Staurogyne repens
Eleocharis vivipara (“Umbrella Hairgrass”/”Viviparous Spikerush”)
Ludwigia arcuata (“Needle Leaf Ludwigia”)
Ludwigia repens ‘Super Red’
Ludwigia peruensis (Ludwigia Glandulosa/”Red Star Ludwigia”)
Pogostemon stellatus dassen
Proserpinaca palustris (“Mermaid Weed”)
Rotala sp. Nanjean
Rotala sp. Ceylon
Rotala rotundifolia ‘Green’
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala macrandra ‘Green’
Rotala macrandra
Rotala macrandra sp. Mini Butterfly
Rotala Wayanad
Rotala sp. Bangladesh
Rotala sp. Hra
Rotala sp. Vietnam
Vesicularia montagnei (“Christmas Moss”)
Riccardia chamedryfolia (“Coral Moss”)
Callicostella prabaktiana
Taxiphyllum barbieri (“Java Moss”)
Taxiphyllum sp. Flame Moss
Taxiphyllum sp. Peacock Moss


Fish Room Tour

Dāv Kaufman’s Animal Adventures was at the shop for a tour, check out his videos on YouTube.

Part 1 of the tour.
Part 2 of the tour.

Reef System Tour

Dāv Kaufman’s Animal Adventures was at the shop for a tour, check out his video on YouTube and stay tuned for more.


Closed on Sunday 3/22 – Reopening Monday 3/23

Due to decreased staffing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Forest Lake Pets will be closed on Sunday, March 22nd and will resume decreased store hours on Monday, March 23rd (Weekdays: 12 pm – 7 pm, Saturday: 12 pm – 5 pm, closed on Sunday). Please understand this is for the benefit of our employees and the community, to reduce person-to-person contact and allow our working staff to rest amidst these stressful times.

As a friendly reminder, we ask that only those with intent to purchase come into the store to maximize social distancing and reduce the risk of community exposure. We will be limiting the number of customers in our store to 10 people at a time. We sincerely thank you for your patience and continued loyalty to our store over the last 25 years.


Temporary Store Changes

The health and safety of our guests, staff, and animals is our top priority. Effective March 17th we will be adjusting our hours. Monday through Friday hours will be 12PM-7PM. Saturday hours will be 12PM-5PM. We are closed on Sunday.

Please keep checking our social media for the latest updates. We understand the need for pet food and necessities and are working on options for curbside pickup at the store with multiple payment options. Feel free to call in orders in advance and we will do our best to have those ready for you. Mail options are also being worked out for any shelf stable goods.

For the safety and health of the public and our employees we ask that you come in only for the supplies that you need. The most effective way to minimize risk of the virus’ transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distancing. Please be considerate, if you are sick or showing symptoms please return to the shop after feeling well. Thank you for your continued support.

Freshwater News

New FW Fish @ Forest Lake Pets! – 2/17/20

Check out our recent shipments of freshwater fish! Today’s favorite? **The Silver Halfbeak**

Medium Silver Arowana
Hump Head Glass Fish
Redtail Catfish
Fire Eel

Barilius Stream Danio (Barilius Bernatziki)
Roseline Shark

Karnataka Roseline Shark $14.99 5/$60
Bala Shark
Panda Barb
Tiger Barb
Gold Barb
Ghost Glass Catfish
Flame Dwarf Gourami (Male)
Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami (Male)
Assorted Platy
Kohaku Koi Swordtail
Assorted Sailfin Molly (Male)
Assorted Male Guppy
Assorted Lyretail Balloon Molly
Giant Danio
Black Neon Tetra
Diamond Tetra
Neon Tetra
Jumbo Neon Tetra
Red Eye Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Albino Neon Tetra
Neon Green Kubotai Rasbora
Pork Chop Rasbora
Silver Halfbeak *COOL FISH
Peacock Gudgeon
Flag Fish
Millenium Rainbow
Orange Millenium Rainbow
Deep Water Creek Rainbow
Turquoise Rainbow
Goyder River Rainbow

Rainbow Shark
Red Tail Black Shark
Albino Rainbow Shark
Ghost Shark
SAE Flying Fox
Silver Flying Fox
Clown Loach
Dwarf Siam Botia (Sidthmunki Botia)

Gold Synodontis Nigrita
Shovelnose Lima Catfish

Small Common Pleco
Red Bushynose Pleco
Sailfin Pleco
Chocolate Albino Pleco
Orinoco Angel Pleco (Tank Raised) (L201)
Marble Sailfin Albino Pleco (L083)
Spotted Sailfin Pleco (L001)

Electric Blue Ram
Black German Ram
Gold German Ram
Blue German Ram

Uaru Cichlid
Kelberi Peacock Bass
Azul Peacock Bass
Large Black Angelfish
Mix Veil Angelfish
Pearl Red Flowerhorn Cichlid
Black Belt Cichlid
Heckelli Geophagus Cichlid
Carpintas Escondido Texas Cichlid
Texas Cichlid

Yellow Labidochromis
Venustus Haplochromis Cichlid
Yellow Blaze Lithobates Cichlid
Yellow Sunshine Peacock

Orange Mexican Dwarf Crayfish

Brown Crayfish
Electric Blue Crayfish
White Crayfish

Male Galaxy Koi Roundtail Betta
Male Nemo Koi Roundtail Betta
Male Dumbo Ear Roundtail Betta
Male Dumbo Ear Super Delta Betta
Male Half Moon Rosetail

News Plants

New Plants Today

Stop in and see our great selection of aquatic plants.


Forest Lake Pets Celebrates 25 years!

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this month! We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers, friends, and family! Its been a quite the adventure taking over the business after Rich and Peggy retired last year. We hope to continue to offer the highest quality customer service, supplies, and livestock around!

Mike and Chris,
Forest Lake Pets